1. Shall promote the teaching of the Church on womanhood, marriage, and family life through personal witnessing, public apostolate, and professional service, inclusive of advocacy through the mass media, and thereby assist in strengthening the formation of women as builders of family, Church, and society.
  2. Shall tackle women issues in a Catholic perspective, initiate and animate activities that foster greater solidarity among women leading to the authentic development and advancement of Christian womanhood.
  3. Shall work for the establishment of support systems for the promotion of the culture of life, inclusive of structures specifically designed to look after the needs of women, children, and families in crisis.
  4. Shall assist in the formative dissemination of the Church’s teaching on the correct practice of responsible parenthood, especially on the part of women.
  5. Shall help in the enactment of just laws, sound programs, and policies that affirm and enhance the dignity of life, women, family, and marriage, and that instill and sustain a true Christian social environment.
  6. Shall serve as the coordinating and implementing office of the Conference in liaison with Church-based and/or Church-related Movements, Organizations, and similar groups, on matters pertaining to women.
  7. Shall monitor the programs and policies of Government and non-government Organizations and similar entities, and promote the Catholic teaching in the formulation of their plans, programs, and projects that affect women and girl children.
  8. Shall attend to more particular duties and tasks thereto occasionally assigned by the Conference.


Chairman: Bp. Crispin B. Varquez
Vice-Chairman: Bp. Leopoldo C. Jaucian, SVD
Members: Bp. Cosme Damian R. Almedilla
Bp. Bp. Nolly C. Buco

Executive Secretary: Mrs. Fenny C. Tatad
Address: 2/Floor CBCP Building
470 General Luna Street
Intramuros, 1002 Manila

Telefax: (02) 8527-4054
e-mail: fennytatad@yahoo.com