Joint Statement of the Hierarchy on the Defense of the Constitutional Rights of Citizens concerning Optional Religious Instruction in Public Schools

Having in mind what we have said in our Joint Pastoral letter, issued at the close of the First Plenary Council, “This renewal of spirit should manifest itself not only in a concern for one’s individual salvation, but in the formation of an alert and vigorous social conscience… whereby the individual realizes that his true interests cannot be separated from those of the community, and that he has a real and grave obligation to promote the well-being of society”, we wish to state that we have been greatly impressed, and we wish to commend the militant spirit of the different entities of Catholic Action of the Philippines in the defense of the Constitutional rights of our citizens concerning optional religious instruction in public schools.

We, therefore, wish the members of Catholic Action of the Philippines to know that the Hierarchy as a body give its full and hearty support and encouragement to whatever sane and constructive efforts they make to defend the Constitutional rights of our Catholic parents in regard to the moral and religious education of their children who attend public schools.

January 29, 1953.

Chairman, Administrative Council
Catholic Welfare Organization