Functions of the General Secretariat


  1. To implement, under the supervision of the Permanent Council, the decisions made, as well as the orders and instructions given, by the Plenary Assembly.
  2. To act as liaison with the secular public authorities and other non-governmental organizations when the occasion so demands.
  3. To coordinate the work of the Episcopal Commissions and Permanent Committees, Offices and other agencies of the Conference.
  4. To gather and file the Reports and other documents submitted by the said Commissions and Committees, Offices and other entities, for record and reference purposes.
  5. To bring officially to the notice of the concerned parties, inclusive of the general public if necessary, the decisions and declarations of the Plenary Assembly and of the Permanent Council (cf. can. 458, 1).
  6. To maintain due and proper communication with the Apostolic Nuncio on matters of mutual interest.
  7. To prepare the written report on the Acts of the Plenary Assembly as well as the Acts of the Administrative Council, and to communicate these to the Members of the Conference.
  8. To write down all other acts required by the Administrative Council or the President of the Conference.
  9. To communicate certain acts and documents to other Episcopal Conferences, particularly those in Asia, when such has been ordered or authorized by the Plenary Assembly or the Administrative Council.
  10. To serve as the National Office of the Philippine Hierarchy.