1. Shall study and promote a more effective Apostolate of the Laity in accordance with the pronouncement and spirit of the Second Vatican Council by employing the services of the Council of the Laity Philippines (CLP) to animate and facilitate, coordinate and integrate, all forms of lay Catholic action and activity of all the Lay Apostolic Movements, Associations, and Organizations.
  2. Shall assist in establishing Pastoral Councils, in fomenting and coordinating their apostolic works in the provincial, regional, and/or national level, particularly in the formation of Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC) as formally enjoined by the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines.
  3. Shall maintain, supervise and direct the National Secretariat of the Council of the Laity, and through this Body assist in nurturing close relationship and adequate communication with all duly recognized international lay organizations.


Chairman: Bp. Severo C. Caermare
Members: Abp. Jose S. Palma
Abp. Florentino G. Lavarias
Bp. Medel S. Aseo
Bp. Guillermo V. Afable
Bp. Narciso V. Abellana, MSC

Executive Secretary: Mr. Raymond Daniel H. Cruz, Jr
Address: CLP Bldg., 372 Cabildo Street,
Intramuros, 1002 Manila

Tel.: (02) 8527-5388
Fax : (02) 8527-3124
e-mail: laiko_phils@yahoo.com.ph

Website: https://www.cbcplaiko.org