1. Shall coordinate and develop specific pastoral and social programs for and services to people-on-the-move through its various apostolic structures and regional Migration Desks.
  2. Shall prepare and conduct formation programs for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to make them more aware of their missionary role of witnessing to the truths of the Gospel in their employment and residence overseas.
  3. Shall make the needed studies and/or research on the phenomenon of migration particularly for economic purposes.
  4. Shall suggest ecclesiastical structures that will effectively coordinate and oversee the proper pastoral works of the ordained ministers in the pastoral care of migrants.
  5. Shall prepare and provide well-formed and adequate number of Priests, Religious and lay personnel for ministry to people-on-the-move through proper representation before the Bishops and the competent Religious Superiors.
  6. Shall protect and promote the fundamental dignity and human rights of migrants and itinerant people.
  7. Shall explore the solidarity among Particular Churches for the purpose of considering in the spirit of collegial commitment and corresponsibility, the advisability of the exchange of Church personnel and experiences and the sharing of resources.
  8. Shall implement the norms and directives from the Apostolic See, and the instructions given by the Conference.
  9. Shall offer encouragement to the government and the private sector to continue striving for the economic development of the country, creating job opportunities at home and thus providing practical alternatives to economic migration.

Chairman: Bp. Narciso V. Abellana, MSC
Vice-Chairman: Bp. Ruperto C. Santos
Members: Bp. Abel C. Apigo
Bp. Socrates C. Mesiona, MSP
Bp. Francisco M. de Leon

Executive Secretary: Rev. Fr. Roger C. Manalo, CS
Address: Scalabrini Mission House
39, 7th Street
New Manila
Quezon City

Tel. : (02) 8527-4135 / 8527-4142
Fax : (02) 8527-9568
e-mail: ecmi.cbcp@gmail.com