Training Programs


Systems Administration (SysAd)

Training SeminarA highly technical training course for Systems and Network Administrators, this program is offered specially to those administering   local area networks of Catholic schools. The training features bandwidth and server management on a Linux platform.


Educational Technology (EdTech)

This training module is intended for teachers of catholic schools. It teaches how to integrate computer/internet applications into the academic subject/curriculum.


Information Technology Awareness Seminar

This seminar is an introduction to information technology. Participants are taught the basic knowledge and skills in computer, internet and multimedia. This is best for school administrators, nuns, priests and bishops.


Web Design

Training SeminarThis program is about learning how to conceptualize, design, and maintain web sites. The module is tailored for catechists, pastoral workers and youth groups interested in harnessing websites as a new avenue for catechesis and evangelization.


News Writing

This seminar-workshop features writing news stories from a distinctively catholic perspective which CBCPNews calls “Catholic Journalism”.  This is especially intended for those involved in print media or those contemplating on putting up one.


Introduction to Networking

Training SeminarIntended for computer technicians, this training module teaches basic skills in network management which includes hardware configurations, IP addressing and network structuring.


Multimedia for Catechists

This training course is an introduction to the amazing world of multimedia which includes videography, video editing and online sharing.  This is best for catechists and pastoral workers.

Most of these training programs are conducted for free, especially to institutions that are members of the CBCPWorld Network. Trainings are held either at the CBCPWorld Training Center in Intramuros, Manila or at local dioceses.   Interested party may contact CBCP Media Office at tel/fax 5274139 / CBCPWorld at tels. 404-2182; 404-1612.