Multimedia and Internet Services

The CBCP Media Office has multimedia facilities. It maintains its own 5 websites and hosts 120 other websites; it has video streaming over YouTube and audio podcasting. Moreover, it offers multimedia services such as: video editing and web designing. 

As part of its multimedia ministry, the CBCP Media Office also assists in the management of CBCPWorld. CBCPWorld provides quality internet access that is filtered of pornography. It offers broadband internet connectivity via VSAT and IP radio systems to over a hundred Catholic schools, dioceses, congregations and partners nationwide.

Podcasting at Radyo VeritasThe CBCP Media Office anchors a weekly radio program at Radio Veritas, every Sunday at 10 AM. The program title is “Ang Tinig Ng Pastol” that primarily broadcasts programs of CBCP Commissions and CBCP Updates as well as other pressing issues of the day. This program is being “audio streamed” over the Internet ( for global (OFW) audience. Podcasts of the program can be downloaded at