The CBCP News Service

CBCP News is a news service facility of the CBCP Media Office. It is an alternative news organization staffed by Catholic journalists dedicated to providing Church news written from a distinctively Catholic perspective. Its primary mission is to help spread the Gospel through a standard level of journalism by re-telling in news reports and features how it is witnessed in the daily events and lives of people.

CBCP News is circulated free-of-charge to the global community through its online facility www.cbcpnews.com, through email, RSS (Syndication), or through the CBCP Monitor.



The Ideal News Range of CBCP News

Statements, documents, teachings and events of the Holy Father and the Vatican;

Collegial statements, interventions, teachings, programs and events of the Episcopal Conference of the Philippines;

Statements, interventions, teachings, programs and events of local dioceses and parishes throughout the Philippines;

Interventions, programs and events of religious congregations;

Interventions, programs and activities of basic ecclesial communities, and other lay organizations throughout the Philippines;

Programs and events of catholic schools throughout the country;

Social issues—local, national or international—affecting the lives of the faithful.

News worthy stories about the Christian community and the whole church.