CBCP Monitor

CBCP MonitorThe CBCP Monitor started as a monthly newsletter in 1985. Then it became a quarterly magazine featuring mostly the CBCP Episcopal Commissions and the Bishops. In 1991 it stopped operations.

It was revived in January 1997 as a fortnightly news magazine. In 2006, it assumed the full stature of a broadsheet and became the only national catholic newspaper in circulation.

The CBCP Monitor contains the official stand of the Church on current social, political and moral issues affecting the life of the faithful.

Aside from carrying the stamp of being the official paper of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), every issue of the CBCP Monitor, which is published fortnightly, brims with local and foreign church news; discussions from respected columnists; feature stories; church updates; movie reviews and many more.

It is circulated in all dioceses, parishes, Catholic schools, religious organizations, and the general Catholic community. It is widely available in all branches of National Bookstores nationwide and in catholic books stores.
Online version of CBCP Monitor can be accessed at



Impact Magazine

Impact MagazineImpact Magazine has survived the test of time. Founded in 1966, it has withstood the most stringent political regimes and economies in the Philippines and in some parts of Asia and the world.

It has chronicled major events in Asia, going beyond simple conventional reportage of developments by providing its readers with fresh insights and unique perspectives in the light of its vision to raise awareness towards human transformation.

Admittedly, Impact Magazine is an alternative reading material. In view of its advocacies, it keeps both its mind and heart on the ground in the promotion of man and his circumstances with no other bias and fealty but the truth—the truth that provokes peace, prosperity and meaning.

Impact Magazine aims towards human transformation through education, social advocacy and evangelization. It is bold and daring; inquisitive and critical. It jolts as it jars. It has impact.

Circulated in National bookstores and catholic outlets, the online version of Impact Magazine may be accessed at



GatewayGateway is a quarterly newsletter on information and communications technology. It was initially published in 2003 as a marketing and promotions platform of CBCPWorld.

Anchored on the message of Pope John Paul II (2002 World Communications Day) that the internet is the new forum of proclaiming the Gospel, this publication specializes in the latest trends in information technology and how it may be harnessed in education and evangelization.

Gateway is circulated free in catholic schools especially the members of the CBCPWorld Network.