Joint Pastoral Letter of the Philippine Hierarchy on Social Action and Rural Development

Joint Pastoral Letter of the Philippine Hierarchyon Social Action and Rural DevelopmentIntroductionThe Church has always endeavored to examine Herself on the divine mission entrusted to her by Our Lord Jesus Christ.  She does so with the fervent desire to reflect more clearly the image of Him who founded her and “to shed on all men that radiance of Christ which brightens the countenance of the Church.”1The primary mission of the Church, like

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Joint Pastoral Exhortation of the Philippine Catholic Hierarchy on the Nineteenth Centennial of the Martyrdom of St. Peter and St. Paul

Joint Pastoral Exhortationof the Philippine Catholic Hierarchyon the Nineteenth Centennial of the Martyrdomof St. Peter and St. PaulIn his Apostolic Exhortation, Petrum et Paulum Apostolos , His Holiness Pope Paul VI announces the coming celebration of the nineteen hundredth year since the Apostles Saints Peter and Paul were slain for the Faith.  The celebration will begin this year on June 29 and will close next year on the same date.  Prompted

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