Joint Pastoral Letter of the Hierarchy of the Philippines on the Virtue of Justice

Joint Pastoral Letterof the Hierarchy of the Philippineson the Virtue of JusticeDearly Beloved in the Lord:“God made man right,” the Ecclesiastes tells us, “and he hath entangled himself with an infinity of questions.” (VII, 30).  Lending an ear to the enticement of the infernal serpent, man proposed unto himself the initial question, asking his own self whether he could attain, by his own power, to happiness whilst embracing the evil with

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Social Justice A Joint Pastoral Letter of the Catholic Bishops of the Philippines

Social JusticeA Joint Pastoral Letter of the Catholic Bishops of the PhilippinesMindful of the grave office we have from Jesus Christ, of guarding and guiding the flock He has entrusted to us; mindful also of the Apostle’s solemn command to preach the word insistently, to teach and exhort in all patience and doctrine, we feel it necessary to speak out to all Catholics of the Philippines, and to all men of good will, concerning the great crisis

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