Joint Pastoral Letter of the Catholic Hierarchy of the Philippines on the Dominical Rest

Joint Pastoral Letterof the Catholic Hierarchy of the Philippineson the Dominical RestBeloved Brethren in the Lord:It is easy to see at a glance how the modern world is busily engaged in vain activities, occupying too much of its time in them, and foolishly hoping, by so doing, to gain temporal prosperity and happiness.  These material gifts, however, were never as far away from us as at present, as if to give more meaning to these biblical words: 

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Statement of the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy of the Philippines on the Social Principles

Statement of the Ecclesiastical Hierarchyof the Philippines on the Social PrinciplesSincere men of all walks of life earnestly seek to solve the pressing social problem.  We wish to set down simply the true foundation of lasting peace and prosperity.1.  There is a true brotherhood of man founded in the true Fatherhood of God.2.  God has put man upon the earth to live in conformity with His law and so to win perfect happiness with Him in Heaven.3. 

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